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Assistance services

Core business

Assistance with resolution of sudden events at home, on trips away from home or when using your vehicle

Call Centre services

Securing communication and non-stop availability for your business partners and clients

Claim settlement

in Slovakia and abroad
Documentation of causes and scope of damage incidents, calculation of costs necessary for restoration of damaged property


Customer centers, Insurance
Consulting with a focus on customer centres, management of communication with clients, mapping customer satisfaction


The Company was founded in 2004 with the aim of providing innovative assistance services and customer centre services. It is part of the Vienna Insurance Group, an international insurance corporation.


To be the first able to help you.

Assistance services

Activities with a high degree of professional technical, linguistic, communication and organisational demands, the aim of which is to provide assistance effectively and as quickly as possible to persons affected by emergencies. As an assistance provider, we also use our own resources and cooperate with contractual partners at the national and international levels.




Answer Rate


files per day on average during the year

37 min

arriving to the location of an incident on average


calls per day during the year

Assistance Services

Roadside Assistance

Assistance in the event of a breakdown of a motor vehicle or traffic accident in Slovakia or in any other European country.

Medical assistance

Assistance in the event of injuries or other medical problems during your vacation or business trip abroad.

Household assistance

Handling of accidents that occur in an apartment or house (water leaks, gas and/or electrical appliance malfunction).

Legal assistance

Legal help for protection and enforcement of your rights via civil, labour and administrative law channels.

IT assistance services

Resolution of problems with computer hardware and operating systems, assistance in the event of a cyber attack or data loss.

Domestic Health Services

Doctor on Call, Second Medical Opinion, Personalized Oncology, Mental Health Platform (access for authorized clients).

Share of Assistance services

Roadside Assistance

Medical Assistance

Home Assistance




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Roadside Assistance

Request for additional reimbursement of costs of Roadside Assistance.
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Home Assistance

Request for additional reimbursement of costs of Home assistance.
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Legal Assistance

Application for legal protection

Assistance procedure

If a situation requiring assistance occurs as described in the General (Commercial) Coverage Terms, please promptly contact the Assistance Centre (7/24) in Bratislava using the phone numbers below. When you first contact them, the Assistance Centre agent will state their name and the name of the Assistance Company. They will ask you to state your full name and vehicle identification information (if the assistance relates to a vehicle), as well as additional information necessary for organisation of assistance intervention (identification and description of the incident location, the problem itself, your contact number, etc.). The agent will then inform you how the assistance intervention will proceed.
We wish you and your loved ones a safe journey home.
We are here to help you. Global Team.

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